Primary Certificate in REBT

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Therapy and Counselling

This course run in association with the Centre for Stress Management, is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Learning Centre and Association for Rational Emotive Therapy (AREBT) approved 2-day course covers the basic theory and practice of the rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) and counselling which was developed by Dr Albert Ellis PhD. It includes the following: basic concepts; healthy and unhealthy negative emotions; psychological interactionism; agenda setting, three major MUSTS and the derivatives; the ABC model; treatment sequence; assessing A and inference chaining; teaching the B-C connection; disputing irrational beliefs; self-acceptance; importance of homework assignments; multimodal emphasis; shame attacking exercises; low frustration tolerance exercises. A manual, articles and handouts are provided.

For the purposes of skills training, participants should be prepared to discuss two personal issues in the training group. Normal rules of confidentiality apply. Participants may wish to undertake either a shame attacking exercise or a low frustration tolerance exercise as a homework assignment.

NB. REBT was formerly known as Rational-Emotive Therapy. This course is a BPS Learning Centre and AREBT approved primary certificate course.

To provide an introduction to the basic theory and practice of Albert Ellis’s rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT).

This 2-day course will help participants to:

• gain practice in using the ABCDE model of emotional disturbance and change
• distinguish between irrational and rational beliefs
• distinguish between ego and discomfort disturbance
• distinguish between healthy and unhealthy negative emotions
• undertake a problem assessment including skills practice in inference chaining
• teach the B-C connection
• identify, challenge and change irrational and unhelpful beliefs
• gain practice in homework negotiation
• gain knowledge of Rational Emotive Imagery and Resilience Enhancing Imagery
• understand the benefits of undertaking shame attacking and low frustration tolerance exercises
• understand the difference between self-esteem and self acceptance

The trainer is Professor Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FAREBT an Albert Ellis Institute, New York, Certified Supervisor for REBT and AREBT Accredited REBT Senior Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer and Coach. He received his REBT training in London and New York. He holds the European Certificate in Psychology and the European Certificate of Counsellor Accreditation. Currently he is Co-Chair and Fellow of the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. He has been using REBT within his therapeutic and training practice for three decades and has adapted it to the field of coaching and coaching psychology. He has co-authored/edited books and articles with Dr Albert Ellis and Prof Windy Dryden.