Earth Charter Initiative

The Earth Charter Initiative

The Earth Charter Initiative is a global movement of organizations and individuals that embrace the Earth Charter and use it to guide the transition towards a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

The Earth Charter was created by the independent Earth Charter Commission, which was convened as a follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit in order to produce a global consensus statement of values and principles for a sustainable future. The document was developed over nearly a decade through an extensive process of international consultation, to which over five thousand people contributed. The Charter has been formally endorsed by thousands of organizations, including UNESCO and the IUCN (World Conservation Union).

The UK Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy endorses the Earth Charter. We agree with the Endorsement Statement:

“We, the undersigned, endorse the Earth Charter. We embrace the spirit and aims of the document. We pledge to join the global partnership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world and to work for the realization of the values and principles of the Earth Charter.”

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2019 Education, Ethics, & Values for Sustainability 1-5 July 2019 Costa Rica
Under the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter, this Executive Programme offers the opportunity to deepen understanding on the concept of sustainability, the Earth Charter and its implications for education, learning, and change. Gain skills during this masterclass on education for sustainable development and the Earth Charter pedagogy, and on how to apply Earth Charter ESD resource materials, experiential activities and methodologies.

Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics Online Young Professionals Training Programme 15 July – 23 September 2019

This training programme seeks to enhance young people’s skills and knowledge to be ethical and effective sustainability leaders and implement Earth Charter-inspired projects, contributing towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. Participants of this programme will receive an Earth Charter International certificate as recognition of their successful completion of the “Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics” training and an invitation to become an Earth Charter Young Leader.