Primary Certificate in Advanced REBT

Primary Certificate in Advanced Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Skills


This is an intensive 2-day course for learners normally enrolled on a Certificate or Advanced Certificate programme run by the Centre for Stress Management and UK Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. The course takes a rational emotive behavioural approach to counselling, psychotherapy and stress management. The course includes: locating the client’s critical A, tackling meta-emotional problems, dealing with the client’s reservations about accepting emotional responsibility, disputing, goal setting, developing in-between session assignments (ie homework assignments) and relapse management.

The course includes theoretical input and time to practise some of the techniques and skills discussed. For the purposes of skills training, participants should be prepared to discuss two personal problems. Normal rules of confidentiality apply. However, the course is not an opportunity to work out personal issues which may need the support of personal therapy.


It is important to note that this course is run generally for learners who have already attended the 2-day Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Counselling (REBT) course or a similar programme at another AREBT recognised training centre. The course is suitable for counsellors, psychologists, personnel staff, trainers, psychotherapists, health and caring professionals who wish to learn more about Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.

NB. It is essential that applicants have an understanding and working knowledge of basic rational emotive behavioural theory and practice. Individuals who have received no formal training in these areas should initially attend the relevant primary certificate courses at the Centre. If in doubt, please check with the Centre before enrolling.

To provide learners with more knowledge of and practice in REBT assessment, goal setting, disputing and homework negotiation..

This 2-day course will help learners to:

  • use a REBT counselling sequence
  • tackle problems in order of importance
  • use several methods for locating the client’s critical A
  • look for and tackle meta-emotional problems
  • deal with the client’s reservations about accepting emotional responsibility
  • learn about different approaches to disputing beliefs
  • distinguish between overcoming psychological disturbance goals and personal development goals
  • develop multimodal homework assignments
  • become knowledgeable about delineating the ‘Shoulds’, tackling blocks to change, complex ABC chains, compromises in REBT, guidelines for assignment discussion and relapse management

The trainers are Nick Edgerton MSc CPsychol MAREBT (Accred) an AREBT accredited REBT Therapist or Professor Stephen Palmer PhD an Albert Ellis Institute, New York, Certified RE & CBT Supervisor